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Brian Mickelson, Joel Whysall, Cathryn Moore and Meghan Forhan are criminal lawyers who represent clients accused of a wide range of criminal charges. The lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall are experienced in defending driving offences, impaired driving, fraud and theft offences, drug offences, crimes of violence including domestic violence, assault, sexual assault and all other criminal charges. They also have extensive understanding of civil forfeiture, customs and border seizures, and record suspensions. Their wide-range of practice and knowledge makes the lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall well suited to defend any issue you may have.

Brian Mickelson has been practicing exclusively in criminal law since 1978 and Joel Whysall has been practicing criminal law since 2003. Cathryn Moore joined Mickelson & Whysall in 2012. Meghan Forhan joined Mickelson & Whysall in 2016. Together they have over 50 years combined experience in helping those facing criminal offences throughout British Columbia. Criminal defence lawyers Brian Mickelson, Joel Whysall, Cathryn Moore and Meghan Forhan appear regularly in the courthouses located in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, and throughout the Lower Mainland. They frequently travel to all corners of British Columbia and Western Canada to appear in court for their clients.

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Featured Criminal Cases

Client charged with Domestic Assault

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer: Joel Whysall The Facts: The accused was arrested following police attendance to a noise complaint. Police took a statement from the girlfriend of the accused who described an assault. Police also observed red marks on the girlfriend consistent with injuries from an [...]

Client Testimonials

We value the trust that our clients place with us

  • Dear Brian, “Words cannot express my gratitude for what you did for me. Your professional service is truly one in a million.“

  • Dear Cathryn, “Thank You so much Cathryn for going above and beyond to get this done for me. Much appreciated. Thank You”

  • Brian, “Thank you once again for your hard work in bringing about a very favorable resolution of my case. I will be sure to retain your card. In the unfortunate event any acquaintances ever have the misfortunate of needing counsel, I will be sure to refer them in your direction.”

  • Dear Joel, “Thank you for all your help this past year.”

  • Dear Cathryn, “You did a very outstanding job. Would like to say a better job than Emily Carr in law.”

  • Dear Cathryn, "Thank you again for all of your time and effort with me and my IRP review. Your professionalism, knowledge and execution of the law and the IRP review process was excellent. I am very glad that I contacted you and had you on my side."

  • Dear Joel,

    "My family’s trust in Joel Whysall and Cathryn Moore have been well placed.

    Mr. Whysall is a master of his craft. He is well versed in the various nuances of the Law and is able to utilize this thorough knowledge to his full advantage. Joel’s nearly two decades of experience (as of 2021) allows him to have an excellent read of the Courtroom and its participants, which is critical in moving a Case forward in the most advantageous ways possible as things evolve. He is very skilled in forming relevant, clear, logical, and authoritative arguments reinforced by the combination of his education, experience, and oratory skills. His intellect and experience allows him to clearly command a courtroom.

    Ms. Moore has been an excellent co-counsel with Mr. Whysall. She is skilled in identifying key areas of the Case, is able to advance critical arguments based on those needs, and effectively source the key documents to back up her points. She is very empathetic in her personal approach both in the Court room as well as outside of it. As a result, she is able to navigate all parties with her excellent approachability and communicative skills and obtain the important information needed for your Defense. Ms. Moore is able to discover and highlight key elements of a Case and present it in the most advantageous positions possible. She is well liked by the courtroom and is definitely someone you want on your side.

    Both Counsels have been extremely hard working and are capable both as individuals and as a team. From the strategic plan to the minute details, both Mr. Whysall and Ms. Moore will fight diligently and expertly for your Defense. Any trust in them is most deservingly well placed."

  • Dear Brian, “Every once in a while, one meets a professional who supersedes the stereotypes and expectations of others. You are one of the rare few who combine compassion, wisdom and expertise within your profession. Thank you for the magnificent job you did for me.”

  • Dear Joel, “I can’t thank you enough! You have done so very much and have gone so above and beyond. Please know I am eternally gratefully!”

  • Dear Meghan, "I would like to take a moment to formally thank and congratulate the entire team at Mickelson & Whysall Law Corporation but most importantly Ms. Meghan K. Forhan to whom we owe our legal victory! She is an absolute legend in our eyes! Her professionalism, charisma and knowledge of the legal system was delightful to work with and have as our representation.

    Our family had struggled to deal with a number of overwhelming legal matters for almost two years and all the while Meghan's focused and triumphant approach was always very assuring, notably in the coming months leading up to trial.

    I would unequivocally recommend Meghan Forhan and her firm to anyone seeking the utmost finest in legal representation! Congratulations, and thank you all!"