When Does My 90-Day Driving Prohibition Start for an IRP?

If you are handed an immediate roadside prohibition (IRP), your driving ban takes effect straightaway. When does an IRP start? ‘IRP’ stands for ‘immediate roadside prohibition’. As the name suggests, the prohibition starts immediately. This means that you cannot drive starting from the moment the police officer hands you a ticket. If you have not […]

How to Appeal an Administrative Driving Prohibition

You have seven days to appeal an administrative driving prohibition (ADP). An application must be made to RoadSafetyBC, outlining why the driving ban should be overturned. If the administrative driving prohibition is upheld, your only option is to request a judicial review. When would you be served an administrative driving prohibition? An administrative driving prohibition […]

Defending Cannabis Act Prosecutions

There are various defences available under the Cannabis Act, including the unlawful search and seizure of evidence. The right defence in your case will depend on the charges that have been laid and the circumstances of your arrest. What is legal under the Cannabis Act? When the Cannabis Act was introduced in 2018, it legalized […]

How to Dispute a 90 Day IRP

You have just seven days to dispute a 90 day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP). You need to complete an ‘Application for Review of an Immediate Roadside Prohibition’ form and submit it to an ICBC driver licensing centre. We specialise in defending drink drive charges and can request a review on your behalf. You do not […]

How to Defend a Sexual Assault Charge

If you have been accused of a sexual assault, please contact our lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall without delay. It is vital to instruct legal counsel before responding to the allegations. When can police lay charges for sexual assault? Sexual assault is broadly defined as any unwanted sexual activity. This can range from alleged intercourse […]