What Are My Rights at a DUI Checkpoint?

If you are stopped at a roadblock, you must provide your name, address and insurance documents. Police can also check whether your vehicle is roadworthy and ask you to perform a breath test.   DUI checkpoints DUI checkpoints – also known as roadblocks – are a common sight during the holiday season. Often the police […]

5 FAQs About Administrative Driving Prohibition

We’ve answered five of the most frequently asked questions about administrative driving prohibitions (ADP) below. If you need further legal advice, or you want to appeal an ADP, please contact us at Mickelson and Whysall Law Corporation.   1. What is an administrative driving prohibition? An administrative driving prohibition (ADP) is a 90-day driving ban […]

When Does My 90-Day Driving Prohibition Start for an IRP?

If you are handed an immediate roadside prohibition (IRP), your driving ban takes effect straightaway. When does an IRP start? ‘IRP’ stands for ‘immediate roadside prohibition’. As the name suggests, the prohibition starts immediately. This means that you cannot drive starting from the moment the police officer hands you a ticket. If you have not […]