Sexual Offences

Client Under Investigation for Sexual Assault of Step-Daughter

Client was under investigation by police for sexually abusing his step-daughter after she disclosed inappropriate touching to her daycare worker. Client was contacted by police and asked to come in to make a statement and give a polygraph. Client properly contacted legal counsel before agreeing to do so. Meghan Forhan immediately called the lead investigator and advised her client would not participate in a public polygraph or provide a warned statement. After Meghan Forhan came on the case, the officer admitted they could not meet the legal standard necessary to forward charges to Crown Counsel without further evidence from the Client. Client maintained his innocence throughout the investigation.

Client Charged with Sexual Assault

Accused client’s wife leaving him and moving into safe house. Complainant wife alleging sexual abuse in the context of unhappy arranged marriage.

Aggravated Sexual Assault

Accused arrested for aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault with a weapon x 2, forcible confinement, administering a noxious substance, choking to overcome resistance, assault causing bodily harm and simple assault. Accused had assaulted his girlfriend with multiple weapons including a taser, scissors and a razor prior to sexually assaulting her, stealing her passport, forcing her to take an unknown prescription pill.

Sexual Assault of Minors

Accused client arrested on eight counts of sexual assault of minors and sexual interference. Accused alleged to have sexually assaulted 4 young girls in a public swimming pool by groping them underwater during a public swim. At trial, the 4 complainants took the stand and testified to the assaults.

Client charged with historical Sexual Assault

The accused was investigated for a historical sexual assault against his now adult daughter. After submissions and extensive discussion with the police, the charges were not proceeded with.