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Vancouver Criminal Lawyer: Meghan Forhan

Client Charged with Half Million Dollar Theft of High End Liquor

The Facts:

Client stole an estimated $500,000.00 in high end liquor from a liquor distribution branch. Client was the employee at the liquor distribution branch and was found to be in a position of trust. The crime was committed with the assistance of two co-accused and the thefts were caught on camera. A search warrant was executed on the co-accused residence a portion of the stolen goods were recovered. Sentencing range for this type of offence began at 2 years jail. Client suffering from a gambling addiction at time of offence. Our firm referred the client to counselling and obtained a positive psychological report.

The Result:

No jail time served. A 1-year Conditional Sentence Order imposed along with a stand alone restitution order in the amount of $100,000.00. Court found that rehabilitation of the offender should be a primary sentencing objective due to the abuse offender had suffered as a child and ongoing mental health and addiction issues which the client had addressed through counselling.