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Vancouver Criminal Lawyer: Meghan Forhan

Domestic Assault of Ex Wife

The Facts:

Client’s ex-wife accused him of throwing her to the ground and threatening to stab her with a knife during an argument. Complainant had locked herself in the bedroom with their infant child and called 911 to report the alleged offence. Client maintained his innocence and believed the complainant was using the criminal charge to prevent the client from seeing his child. Ms. Forhan was able to obtain proof of payments, emails and other letters and reports separate and apart from the Crown disclosure to show the complainant had lied in her police statement.

At trial, Ms. Forhan extensively cross examined the complainant and used these documents to undermine her credibility. The judge ultimately found that the complainant was untruthful in various areas of her evidence and therefore an unreliable witness. Ms. Forhan won the trial and the client was acquitted.

The Result:

Client acquitted at trial. No criminal record.