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Vancouver Criminal Lawyer: Meghan Forhan

No Jail Time After Sexual Assault Trial Sentencing

The Facts:

Client charged with sexual assault of his girlfriend. Client was convicted of sexual assault [vaginal penetration] after trial due to having admitted to the sexual assault on an audio recording. At the sentencing hearing, Crown sought a jail term of 3 years. The court recognized the usual sentencing range for this offence started at 2 years jail. 

Meghan Forhan successfully persuaded the judge to reject the Crown’s submission and to sentence the client to a Conditional Sentence Order [House Arrest].

Meghan Forhan achieved this exceptional result in part by retaining a Forensic Psychologist to complete a Risk Assessment, obtaining a legal opinion from a well respected immigration lawyer, submitting numerous letters of reference on behalf of the client as well as other supporting documentation.

Substantial case law was gathered and put forward as well.

The Result:

Successful imposition of Conditional Sentence Order [House Arrest]. Client was not incarcerated. 

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