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Vancouver Criminal Lawyer: Meghan Forhan

Sexual Assault Sentencing After Trial Results In No Jail Time

The Facts:

Client was represented by another lawyer at trial. The client lost his trial and was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman he’d been dating for a few weeks after meeting on an online dating app. The trial judge found that he had penetrated the victim anally without consent. 

The client terminated his trial counsel and hired Meghan Forhan to represent him at the sentencing hearing.

At sentencing the Prosecution sought a 3 year jail sentence. Meghan Forhan argued for a Conditional Sentence Order [House Arrest]. The sentencing range set out by the British Columbia Court of Appeal was 2 to 6 years jail.

Meghan Forhan successfully persuading the trial judge to depart from the usual sentencing range set out by our Court of Appeal and impose the Conditional Sentence Order.

The Result:

CSO imposed [House Arrest]. The client avoided incarceration and was able to serve his sentence in the community.

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