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Vancouver Criminal Lawyer: Meghan Forhan

Solicitation of A Minor [Sting Operation] Results in No Jail Time or SOIRA

The Facts:

Operation Steadfast was a large-scale, covert, undercover police operation set up to catch persons who engaged in solicitation of sexual services from females under the age of 18. The operation focused on catching the “Johns” using online platforms to purchase sexual services from underage girls.

The client made an online arrangement to purchase sexual services from someone he initially believed to be 19 years of age; this person was an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute online. During recorded text message conversations, the undercover officer advised our client she was not 19, but actually 16 years of age. The client still agreed to meet her. When he arrived at the hotel a takedown occurred and he was arrested. His cell phone was seized and searched. The client also gave a full confession after being afforded his right to speak with legal counsel [who was not Ms. Forhan at that time].

Meghan Forhan negotiated with Crown Counsel and secured a joint submission sentencing position for a Conditional Sentence Order [CSO] of 4 months as well as a reduced plea to “solicitation,” rather than “solicitation of a minor”.

The Result:

4 month CSO imposed with conditions that allowed the accused to continue going to work and maintain his employment. No Sex Offender Registry Order was imposed either by virtue of the negotiated plea to simple solicitation. The accused did not serve any jail time.