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Vancouver Criminal Lawyer: Meghan Forhan

Uttering Threats to the Mother of His Children

The Facts:

Client was going through a difficult separation and his ex-wife was using criminal litigation to try and prevent him from gaining access to his child. The complainant accused the client of uttering death threats. Client charged with uttering threats to cause death or bodily harm. Client maintained his innocence and went to trial.

At trial Ms. Forhan’s skillfull cross examination of the complainant resulted in a stay of proceedings before the trial ended. Ms. Forhan located Facebook posts authored by the complainant and used them to contradict her evidence regarding her income and ultimately prove she was committing EI fraud. During her cross examination, Ms. Forhan successfully got the witness to admit that she had lied before, and was willing to lie again, in order to keep custody of her children.

The Result:

 Judge stayed the charges part way through trial following Ms. Forhan’s cross examination. Client was acquitted. No criminal record.