Aya Tubinshlak

Joel Whysall Vancouver Criminal Lawyer

Aya Tubinshlak

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer

Aya is a diligent and driven lawyer who will work carefully with you to get you the most favourable result possible. She takes a personal, creative, and hands-on approach to her files and believes that no matter what criminal charge her clients may face, they are entitled to the fullest protections, freedoms, and principles of fundamental justice guaranteed by our Charter.

As an Associate Lawyer, Aya represents clients charged with a wide variety of criminal offences including domestic assault, assault causing bodily harm, drug possession, sexual offences, impaired driving, dangerous driving and fraud. She also represents clients charged with traffic offences and immediate and administrative driving prohibitions. 

Aya has extensive experience fighting s. 490 Order Applications and can assist in the return of seized items following the execution of a search warrant. 

Aya’s passion for defending her clients’ rights drives her to work tirelessly on their cases. Her determination and keen negotiation skills ensure that her clients will get the best defence possible. 

Aya has represented clients before all levels of court throughout British Columbia, including the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and Provincial Court. She has also been certified to practice in the Yukon on a case by case basis. Aya is skilled in drafting Constitutional challenges and Appeal factums, thereby ensuring that her clients’ rights are always protected.

Aya received her law degree from Queen’s University. Prior to law school, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts Criminology degree from Western University. Prior to joining Mickelson, Whysall, Moore & Forhan Law Group, Aya served as a legal caseworker for the UBC Law School Legal Advice Program and with the Queen’s Law Legal Aid Clinic.