Vancouver Criminal Lawyer:  Meghan Forhan

The Facts: Ms. Forhan’s client reported that he was being harassed by police and being constantly pulled over for no reason. During one of these “random” stops, police searched the client’s vehicle and found cocaine, an extendable baton with a tazer equipped to it and false identification documents. The client was charged with multiple criminal offences.

Ms. Forhan uncovered a number of Charter breaches after reviewing the police disclosure. Prior to trial, Ms. Forhan successfully convinced the prosecutor that there was no substantial likelihood of conviction due to the illegal search of the client’s vehicle and unlawful detainment of him at the roadside. She also identified a s. 10(b) Charter breach in relation to his delayed access to legal counsel. Ms. Forhan threatened to bring multiple Charter applications should the file proceed to trial. The Prosecutor agreed to drop all criminal charges upon completion of the Alternative Measures Program.

Result: Client referred to Alternative Measures. No criminal Record.