Criminal Law Practice Areas

Joel Whysall, Cathryn Moore, Meghan Forhan, Brian Mickelson, Julie Audette and Aya Tubinshlak are Vancouver based criminal lawyers who restrict their practice to the defence of people under investigation or charged with criminal offences and driving offences. Their work takes them to all regions of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, and throughout the Lower Mainland. They also frequently travel to all corners of British Columbia and Western Canada to appear in court for their clients.

& Drugs

Conspiracy, Importing, Exporting, Trafficking, Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking, are all drug offences that involve special police investigation techniques. Wiretaps, undercover officers, police agents, surveillance, tracking warrants are police investigative techniques that require the police to meet particular legal criteria. The lawyers at Mickelson and Whysall are skilled at challenging the special authorizations used in guns and drugs cases. Police failures in these authorizations will lead to exclusion of evidence and dismissal of the charges.


Sexual assault is an upsetting allegation to face. It is serious, stigmatizing and leads to jail time. You need a skilled lawyer to guide you through the process and properly prepare your defence. The lawyers at Mickelson and Whysall handle all sexual assault and sexual offence allegations. They are experienced and skilled at defending all types of allegations, including those arising from a consensual encounter on a date to unreliable allegations from a child. We will guide you through the investigation, arraignment and trial process, defending you completely at every step of the way.


Driving is not just a privilege, it is essential. Whether it is an allegation of dangerous driving causing death or a simple speeding ticket, you need proper representation to guard against losing your licence. The lawyers at Mickelson and Whysall are known for handling serious complex driving offences where fatalities or serious injuries have occurred. We handle all driving matters including administrative sanctions and reviews such as Immediate Roadside Prohibitions, Driving Improvement Program Reviews and Violation Tickets. Our goal is protecting your driving privileges.



Relationships are complicated. Financial pressures, infidelity, or simply growing apart can cause tensions that lead to arguments. Assault, Assault Causing Bodily Harm, Choking, Uttering Threats, Confinement, and Peace Bonds are common charges to see when intimate partner relationships become volatile. The lawyers at Mickelson and Whysall are skilled at pursuing bail amendments, negotiating resolutions and going to trial. We will do what it takes to get you back home, place things into the proper context, resolve the charges or take them to trial.


Fraud, Theft, Evasion, Embezzlement, Forgery are serious allegations and a black mark on your reputation. When a deal goes sideways and representations are misconstrued, you need a good lawyer at an early stage to keep everything clear. The lawyers at Mickelson and Whysall are known for handling allegations of fraud and theft. We can get to the real evidence and intent behind transactions, challenge the special investigative procedures used and push back at the punitive sanctions that are sought.


When trial or sentencing did not go as expected, it is time for a fresh opinion. Conviction Appeals, Sentence Appeals, Bail Reviews, and Judicial Reviews are all ways to set aside the verdict and get a rehearing on the merits. The lawyers at Mickelson and Whysall are skilled and experienced at drafting appeal arguments, factums, indictable appeals, summary conviction appeals, petitions for judicial review and bail reviews. Let us help you ensure your defence is properly heard and considered.