Money Laundering

If you are facing allegations of money laundering, please contact our Vancouver criminal lawyers. We represent both individuals and organisations. We are highly experienced in defending money laundering charges and will devise the best defence strategy.

Money laundering charges

Money laundering is when you process money gained by illegal means so that it appears to come from a legitimate source. To be found guilty of money laundering, the prosecution must prove that –

  • You knew the money had come from illegal activity
  • Your intention was to make the money appear legitimate

Money laundering is considered a serious offence in Canada. Often, money laundering charges are pressed alongside other charges, such as tax evasion, fraud and the possession of proceeds of crime.

You can be charged with money laundering even if you were processing the money on behalf of another individual or organisation. The question is whether you knew the money had come from illegal sources. If so, you could be convicted.

Money laundering penalties

Money laundering can either be dealt with as a summary offence or an indictable offence. If you are charged with money laundering, Crown Counsel decides which route to take.

If the matter proceeds on a summary basis, the maximum penalty for money laundering is –

  • Six months in prison, and/or
  • A $5,000 fine, or
  • Both of the above

If the matter proceeds by indictment, the maximum penalty for money laundering is 10 years’ imprisonment.

Vancouver criminal lawyer

If you are currently being investigated for money laundering, or you have already been arrested, please contact us at Mickelson & Whysall Law Corporation. Early legal advice is essential.

We can determine the best approach in your particular case. This might involve putting forward a defence to prove your innocence. If a guilty verdict is likely, we can enter a plea bargain or explain the mitigating circumstances that led you this situation.

We highly recommend that you have a lawyer on your side. The potential penalties for money laundering are high, especially if Crown Counsel decides to charge you with an indictable offence.

British Columbia has introduced new policies to clamp down on money laundering. This is likely to result in more prosecutions. If you have been arrested and charged with money laundering, contact us now.

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