Driving Offence Cases

Impaired Driving (Refusal of Blood Demand)

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer:  Meghan Forhan The Facts: Client was charged with Impaired driving and refusing to provide a blood sample pursuant to a blood demand. Client had crashed into a trailer and failed the roadside breathalyzer. Client was brought to hospital due to his level of [...]

Impaired Driving & Refusal: Boat

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer:  Meghan Forhan The Facts: Client was out boating with her boyfriend and consumed alcohol while on the water. Client was questioned by police upon docking her boat and required to provide a breath sample into an Approved Screening Device. Client’s boyfriend told her [...]

Care and Control: Found Sleeping in Vehicle

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer:  Meghan Forhan The Facts: Client was located asleep in his vehicle after he had driven while impaired. Upon police arrival, it was apparent he had vomited on himself and he was disoriented and confused. The client’s vehicle was inoperable and could not be started. Ms. [...]

Driving Prohibition Overturned on Appeal

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer: Cathryn Moore The Facts: On the hearing date, the Court denied the defendant’s application for an adjournment, the defendant pleaded guilty and the matter was ordered to return for sentencing. Before the sentencing hearing, the defendant paid the fine amount set [...]

Impaired Driving & Over 0.08 mg%

Vancouver Criminal Lawyer: Meghan Forhan The Facts: Accused client arrested for impaired driving and over 0.08 after a high speed collision with another vehicle. Client blew 0.14 mg% and 0.13 mg%, and confessed to driving while impaired to the arresting officer. Result:  After extensive [...]