What to Expect

The team at Mickelson & Whysall knows that facing a criminal charge can be stressful and overwhelming. This is why the lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall provide a free initial consultation. At the first meeting there is no obligation to retain or hire any of the lawyers. Any and all initial consultations are provided free of charge.

What happens at the Consultation?

First they listen:

At the consultation the lawyers learn the nature of your case, discuss possible defences to your criminal charge and learn what you aim to achieve. This is your opportunity to tell your side of the story to an experienced lawyer.

Second they advise:

After hearing the facts, the lawyers will define the legal issues that apply to your case, discuss the court process and provide guidance on how to best deal with your case.

Third they intervene, defend, and protect:

Finally, our lawyers will give you a straightforward analysis of what you can expect and how they will obtain the best possible outcome for you.

What happens at the First Meeting?

  • To prepare for the first meeting gather all relevant papers and any documents which may be evidence in your case. Bring any documents that you were issued by the police officer or any documents you received in the mail. If you know of witnesses, make a list of their names and contact information.

What is the First Appearance?

  • Typically on the first court appearance our law office appears for you in court so you do not need to attend if you have retained Mickelson & Whysall. Mickelson & Whysall informs the court that you have retained their Vancouver Law Office to represent you. They collect a copy of the case disclosure and apply to adjourn your case for several weeks so that they may study the police reports and determine your best defence.

Do I need to attend court?

  • If you retain one of the lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall we appear at all of the interim court appearances for you. It is not necessary for you to attend court and miss out on work. The only time that you would be required to attend is to sign bail variations, for a trial or for sentencing.

Why don’t I just plead guilty?

  • Criminal law defences are often very technical. Even if you feel that you’ve done something wrong, you may have a technical defence. Often, if the case is properly defended, the prosecution may not be able to prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Often people may wonder if it’s better to plead guilty and take the punishment. But what if there’s a technical defence that only a lawyer could find? What if you’re innocent? What if the punishment is much worse than the crime? What if a conviction will ruin your life? What if the court fails to understand your circumstances?
  • A criminal lawyer is a professional at dealing with criminal offences. At Mickelson & Whysall Vancouver Criminal Law Firm they use all the technical and legal defences available to put you in a better position – to beat the criminal charges.
  • From a financial perspective, a criminal conviction can lower your income for your entire life, impact your social status, reduce your right to travel and limit your future. You should never plead guilty unless you have thoroughly discussed your matter with a qualified criminal lawyer and received proper legal advice.

Can I have my fingerprints and photographs destroyed?

  • It is a usual part of the court process for peace officers to take your photograph and fingerprints if you have been charged with an offence. Upon successfully defeating the criminal charges, or a stay of proceedings, our Vancouver Law Firm can apply to the police department to have the fingerprints and photographs destroyed. Written confirmation of the destruction is obtained and given to our clients.

For further information or for a free initial consultation, please contact our Vancouver law office.

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