Financial Crimes

Client Charged with Half Million Dollar Theft of High End Liquor

Client stole an estimated $500,000.00 in high end liquor from a liquor distribution branch. Client was the employee at the liquor distribution branch and was found to be in a position of trust. The crime was committed with the assistance of two co-accused and the thefts were caught on camera. A search warrant was executed on the co-accused residence a portion of the stolen goods were recovered. Sentencing range for this type of offence began at 2 years jail. Client suffering from a gambling addiction at time of offence. Our firm referred the client to counselling and obtained a positive psychological report.

Insurance Fraud Investigation

Client made false insurance claims under her employee health benefit plan. Client obtained funds for massages and physio treatments she did not receive. During an audit, these false claims were flagged and the client was advised she was under investigation. Ms. Forhan met with the client, identified a plan of action, and negotiated with the insurance company. Ms. Forhan was able to prevent the insurance company from reporting the fraud to police. Ms. Forhan was also successful in preventing the client from being blacklisted from the insurance company.

Teacher’s Union Fraud Investigation

Client submitted false receipts and financial statements in order to fraudulently obtain funds in the course of her employment. An investigation was opened, and the client hired Ms. Forhan. Ms. Forhan prepared the client for her deposition with the union investigator and was present with the client for the interrogation. Ms. Forhan assessed the financial documents, obtained positive reference letters on behalf of the client, set the client up with counselling and arranged for a restitution payment. Ms. Forhan successfully negotiated with the investigator and prevented criminal charges from being forwarded to police.

Airport Customs Seizure

Client brought back $32,000.00 worth of jewelry from overseas and did not declare it to Customs. The client was going through a difficult time in her life and acted out of character. The client was advised by way of letter that the CBSA would be conducting an investigation to determine if criminal charges would be laid. Client hired Ms. Forhan as soon as she received the letter and Ms. Forhan approached the CBSA investigator immediately. Ms. Forhan obtained disclosure, assisted the client in drafting an apology letter, getting positive reference letters and supporting documentation. As a result of Ms. Forhan’s quick intervention and skillful negotiation, the CBSA agreed not to recommend criminal charges.

Client charged with Internal Theft and Fraud

The accused, in a position of trust, stole interac cards and withdrew approximately $13,000 from the stolen bank cards. The cards were obtained in the course of the employment of the accused. The accused made full restitution for the amount stolen.

Client Facing Request under Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty in Regards to Investigation of possible Fraudulent Transactions.

Foreign state requested documents seized under a warrant in Canada to be sent to it to aid in criminal investigation. Governing statute was Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act. Attorney General of Canada sought order under s. 15 of Act to send items in question. Voir dire was held to address respondents’ challenge to sufficiency of evidence in support of warrant.

Client charged with Internal Theft

The accused was employed as a book keeper during the length of their employment. The accused appropriated a substantial amount of company funds to themselves.