Superintendent Prohibitions

The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles monitors the driving records of all individuals who hold a British Columbia driver’s licence. The Superintendent scrutinizes the driving record of Class 7 or Graduated Licensing Program drivers especially. Many individuals depend on their driver’s license for their family, work, school and appointments. Mickelson & Whysall can help you keep your driving privileges.

If the Superintendent identifies you as a high risk driver – you can receive administrative interventions ranging from early warning letters – which advise you that your driving record is being monitored – to lengthy prohibitions from driving (under s.93 of the Motor Vehicle Act).

If the Superintendent deems you to have an unsatisfactory driving record the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles will send you a Notice of Intent to Prohibit. You only have 21 calendar days from the date of the Notice of Intent to Prohibit to apply for a review under the Driving Improvement Program.

If your driving record shows a high accumulation of penalty points within a two-year period, you will be identified for an administrative intervention. Generally, nine or more active penalty points (two points if you are a driver in the Graduated Licensing Program) on your record triggers the Driver Improvement Program. While penalty point infractions may be the most common trigger, intervention decisions take into consideration non-penalty point infractions as well.

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