Traffic Tickets

Why You Need a Lawyer for Traffic Tickets in BC? The long-term impact of not disputing alleged traffic violations is an inevitable suspension of your licence. 


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Receiving a traffic violation ticket can cause stress, penalty points on your license, and cost money. But there are a few options you can consider.

You could pay the fine or if you feel that the ticket was unjust, dispute the violation ticket and fight it in court.

Both options can have very different results for you and your driving record. To help navigate the process, let traffic ticket lawyers help with their expertise and experience.

You only have 30 days to dispute your traffic violation or you will be deemed to have plead guilty. If you have missed the 30 day limit to dispute your violation ticket or failed to attend a court date the lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall can help.

Ticket-fighting lawyers are there to answer any questions and find ways to proceed that work in your favour. This post will discuss the main details of dealing with driving offences such as traffic tickets.

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What are violation tickets in BC?

Violation tickets in BC refer to traffic tickets you receive for less serious traffic offences. Offences can include driving without insurance or running a red light. You can find these listed under the Motor Vehicle Act and Regulations.

Your violation ticket will list the offence they are charging you with and also the fine for the charge.

You will have 30 days from the date the ticket was issued. You can either pay for the ticket or dispute the ticket or the fine amount. Paying a ticket, whether in part or full, is pleading guilty to the violation listed on the ticket.

Remember that it is your right to dispute a ticket. Do you feel the ticket was unfairly issued, or want the fine reduced or delayed? Then let a traffic ticket lawyer help you. They know how to best proceed with their traffic law expertise.

Is a traffic ticket a big deal?

The answer to that question is yes. Receiving a violation ticket can seriously impact not only your insurance rates but also prohibit your ability to drive. Road violation tickets need immediate legal attention.

Traffic tickets can have long-term effects. Even if you receive one speeding ticket in BC, it is a big deal due to the hidden consequences. When you get charged with a traffic ticket, the government assumes that traffic enforcement is low. If you get caught, it is because you are actually a chronic offender.

Traffic violations can add penalty points to your driving record and cost you a lot of money each year.

Understanding the outcome of receiving a traffic ticket can help you determine if you need to defend yourself with a traffic ticket lawyer.

Your driving record in BC stays forever, so don’t let violations cost you your license.

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Traffic tickets vs. your insurance

Traffic tickets can affect your insurance. The cost of car insurance goes up for convictions on your driving record. Even cancellation of your insurance can be a consequence of violation tickets.

ICBC began to follow the rest of Canada by increasing insurance rates based on convictions on your driving record. Just receiving a single traffic ticket can potentially cost thousands of dollars in premiums.

Traffic tickets you receive have some driver penalty points associated with them. If you have three or more penalty points in one year, you must pay a Driver Penalty Point Premium.

Driver Penalty Point Premiums are one of the main consequences of traffic tickets. Premiums go higher with the penalty points you accumulate. Prevent having to pay these premiums or consequences by hiring a traffic ticket lawyer.

Do you need a criminal lawyer for disputing the traffic ticket?

You need a criminal lawyer to dispute a traffic ticket. Their knowledge of the law and experience can protect your driving record.

How lawyers dismiss traffic tickets is by knowing the traffic ticket arguments that succeed in court. It can be intimidating to do this without an experienced lawyer on your side.

Are you wondering, is it worth hiring a lawyer for a speeding ticket? Receiving a ticket for a violation is a serious matter. Penalties from the ticket, ICBC, and insurance coverage can arise. You should not pay your ticket until you discuss the case with a lawyer who handles traffic tickets.

What does a traffic lawyer do? Hiring a traffic ticket lawyer lets them handle all the procedures in disputing the ticket and appearing in court on your behalf.

How much does a traffic lawyer cost? A traffic lawyer offers a free initial consultation and is not obligated to hire them. After the initial meeting, the lawyer can understand the nature of your traffic ticket violation and will discuss fees. The lawyer will provide written confirmation of the legal fees, so you know there will be no extra expenses.

You may need a traffic ticket lawyer

If you require assistance, you might search for a lawyer who specializes in traffic tickets located close to you in British Columbia. Seek out our expert lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall. Never simply pay a ticket without informing yourself of what that means. A lawyer can challenge a traffic ticket in court.

Not disputing your traffic ticket violation could have long-term consequences. These can include too many demerit points, expensive fines, or license suspension. 

Mickelson & Whysall will handle your traffic tickets, whether we fight the ticket in court or negotiate a favourable resolution. We will help you navigate the traffic court process, get the best possible result, and keep your driving record clean. You can book your free consultation 24/7 by phone.

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